How does it feel to be on the President’s Honor Roll

So I’ve made it this time… In a previous post I was saying that I was mad about last semester and blew disappointed I was about not being named on the President’s Honor Roll ( and I am still mad about that, ‘ cause I was fully entitled to make it )… Well, apparently they decided that I can get it this time and sent me the damn piece of paper… I got it only last week, even though it was signed on May 15(‘ cause we can’t find the damn mailbox 🔑) and it was nice … Really nice, I would say… See, it’s not about the damn piece of paper and stuff… It is about the recognition of my efforts and the motivation not to give up… I have already the handicap of being a foreigner, a non- native speaker, a person who came from the 3rd world and it’s nice to get some motivation to move on even when I want to say “F*** it, it’s not worth it, I am going home”… People may say that  I am a whiner( and I am pretty much a whiner, I am not denying that 😂😂😂), but the life of a foreigner overseas is not a milk and honey one… I am not complaining, I am here because I want to be here, nobody keeps me in this world against my wish, and what I am saying is that it’s unpleasant when I get all this crappy jokes about my English and about the world that I came from, about my food and my habits, about my culture and everything else… Not getting recognition for my efforts and and my work makes it only worse… It’s not about that piece of paper, it’s about getting a little bit of joy and motivation to keep working and moving on…



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