College life started!!! Yay!!!

So, this is the very first day of my college life here in United States. It is not my first time going to school here, but that’t the first time when the school is a college, not just an ESL thing.

And I am happy. I am happy because I start building my life in that way that I am dreaming about during the last a million years.

But I am so damn scared, only God and I know how scared I am.

First of all, English is not even my second language, As a matter of a fact, it is the 3rd or 4th one. And I speak it a pretty good level, but this is not an academic level, it is an every day language. And from now, I would have to use another style of the same language… And this is scary…

Plus, my professors are scaring me. They can forgett that I am an international student, not an American that speaks this language for their entire life.

And now, my first impressions about this very first day.

I came here at 8 and something in the morning(after I arrived here after midnight from the very crazy and loved NYC). I had to find how to get to F building for a few good minutes, but after all, I got there(this campus is really spread all over the place and there are so many buildings, bah!!!) My first class was English. It was kind of weird and strict. The professor, she looks like being strict. I am not putting any stamps on anybody’s foreheads before I get to know them, but this was my first impression.

Then I had to go to another building for my history class. I finally got there and found the classroom. And I can definitely say that I love my history teacher. I mean, I don’t know her, but she looks like a very very nice person and open-minded teacher. I spent there an hour and fifteen minutes, but I didn’t feel how the time flew!!! Yay!!!

My next class starts at 4.30 pm so since I had 4 hours and a tail, I decided to go and buy books. Damn, here in United States, books are so expensive! Gosh, I paid $106.35 for 2 books and only one is bought, because my English Book is rented. And I also have my SDV, Psychology and Medical class ant I still need to buy these books. Gosh, that’s a fortune for 2 books. And one is rented. If I had to buy it I would have to pay around $94 for it!!! 😦

Now I have this 4 hours gap between my psychology class and I eat my first college meal: a cobb salad and a Turkey and Cheese sandwich. I am looking forward to see what my next a few classes would have for me, but overall, the begin is not so bad. I am still scared to death, but I am happy and excited in the same time!!!

Life is good, just have to know how to enjoy it 🙂




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