Only in New York… Or the real face of NYC…

If you only watched movies about NYC, you would have a very wrong, not real prospective of what and how the life is here.  and yeah, we should start with the fact that NY and Manhattan are not the same. There was a time when filmmakers were interested in the working-class side of the five boroughs — as seen in films like Saturday Night Fever or Do the Right Thing. But these days, New York movies would have you believe there’s only one borough: Manhattan (and occasionally hipster Brooklyn). This myth is so prevalent that even some New Yorkers believe it. But don’t get the wrong information: New York City is not just Manhattan. Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx and Staten Island are just as much a part of the city. Moreover, for me, Manhattan doesn’t look like NY… It is just … Manhattan and people there are different from Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens etc, etc… The rush and the flow is constant there so you won’t go at the next door deli, store, cafe etc, etc and get a nice friendly smile from a person that knows you… As a Brooklyn resident, I can definitely say ht there is a difference.

Also, there is another lie about NYC that you often can see when you watch a movie: that one that everything is located just around the corner of everything. Inevitably any movie filmed in New York City will cut a few corners, literally. In movie New York, parks in Brooklyn are next to streets in Harlem; the Empire State Building is down the block from a cafe in Nolita. While it’s nice to imagine a city where everything is so close together, it’s important to understand that’s just a bit of clever movie magic. Remember in Cloverfield when they walked from Spring Street to Columbus Circle in like 15 minutes? Yeah, New Yorkers are still pretty upset about that.  In fact, I don’t remember when I was last time in Midtown or Uptown(and my husband asks me all the time to go to Central Park every time when we have some free day and always my answer is “no”) because it is just so far away from my place and I hate to spend at least 1 hour there and another one to get back again… No way… I treasure every second here in NYC…

And also, in moves we see that everyone on the Upper East Side walks around wearing diamonds and fur. The Upper East Side (UES) may be home to many of the city’s rich, famous and conservative, but these days the ladies who lunch are more likely to step out in Lululemon than in Tiffany. And that’s if they even still want to live in the neighborhood: The UES is far from the most expensive place to live in Manhattan these days.

And yeah, The poor will not have to settle for a sprawling industrial loft. The idea of young singles living in beautiful loft apartments has been a movie cliche since the 1970s, when actual artists started occupying former industrial spaces in gentrifying neighborhoods like SoHo, Tribeca, the Meatpacking District and Bushwick. But the less-than-wealthy loft lifestyles of the characters in films like Single White Female and Ghost are long gone. Today these spaces sell for almost $10 million — not quite the destination for the young, creative and financially struggling.

And yeah, not everybody has a clean office with a Skyline view…Forget an office: You’re lucky if you even get a cubicle near a window in New York these days. And it’s a lot harder to keep your desk clean of computers, wires, books and to-go containers when you share it with 10 other people at your budget-conscious startup. Moreover, I was asked a few days go how is the weather here. And my answer was “Hmmm, I do’t know… I don’t have time to go outside and I have no idea what is happening over there now, because I don’t have a window here”…

And also, you don’t get to have a very pleasant Subway ride, during the rush hour… Rush hour on the New York City subway of the movies seems pleasant: No pushing or shoving, no running to catch the train at the last minute and no parade of beggars/mariachi bands/urban gymnastics. And, most frustratingly, this fantasy subway always has an empty seat for you. The reality? If a 10-car train has 440 seats and the trains make 7,817 trips a week on average, 3,439,480 people get a seat. That sucks for the remaining 1,960,520 people who ride the train every week, according to the MTA. Moreover, you can get a “rain” of curse words at the damn 6 pm, when the train is more than full and somebody stepped on somebody else foot by mistake. I saw a scene like that when almost a fight started in the full full car of the number 4 train. And I had to leave the train somewhere in the middle, because the spirits were really really hot… I care about my health ad body integrity… And you never know … And there is a common lie that we see in movies about NYC, that one that in fact, nothing is never crowded … Oh yeah… I wish… Museums, restaurants, stores, parks: Movies tell us that there will always be room for you in New York. Movie New York perpetuates the myth that Central Park will never be overcrowded, as well as the myth that New York restaurants never have an hour-plus wait. And the emergency room? In reality, it will take you 5 hours to see a doctor. Or to walk on Broadway, or on Brooklyn Bridge… I love walking and I usually walk in the evening if I have time. I also don’t really like to take the Subway, because of the same reason. So if I have time, I would walk, but I would go on that way that is less crowded. Walking from Wall street to Canal Street on Broadway can be a very challenging thing that would deal with your patience… I had to find other routes (thanks to Google Maps 😀 ) so I would be still able to do my everyday walk and still keep my nerve cells intact…

And there are other “lies” about NYC that are served on the plateau for us in movies. I  don’t have anything against those movies and those little “lies”… A movie should be a movie and if you would show the ugly truth, it would loose its charm and it would stop being a movie… It wold just be… the real life? I am just writing this now as an answer to one of my friends that are back in Europe and has never seen the real NYC but was saying that he feels like he has lived here only because he watched so many movies and when he sees my pictures, he eels like he was there too because he recognizes the places from movies… Yeah, whatever… The place can be similar to hat we see in movies, but the real NYC is not that one that we see in those very same movies… In fact it is not super easy to get a really cool job and succeed super fast. I know, we see that very often in NYC movies, but that is not so easy as it looks like. And yeah, this is another answer to the question why am not I rich and famous here? It is just so easy to do that… Yeah, according to the NYC movies… But life and movies are really really different. It is really true that this city is a very dynamic place ad everything can change really fast and what you knew yesterday can dramatically change tomorrow, but is is not very probable that you would became a millionaire right the day after you were counting every penny before you go to the grocery… I wish things were so easy…



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