How to deal with mean people?

Today I was told that I look mean. And I was really surprised, because I am never mean. Generally I am trying to be nice with everyone and I guide myself after the principle “Treat everyone the way that you want to be treated”. I was surprised to hear that, but I wasn’t angry with that person. The reason? She doesn’t know me and she have never seen me being so serious and having such a sour face. And I really had a sour face. But The reason that I was so “not me” was that, firstly,  I was counting some money when I got that “compliment” and I am really careful when I deal with money because, basically, money is money and this is a serious topic. And secondly, I was acting not on a regular basis because I was tired(and honestly, I have slept only a total of almost 35 hours during the last 7 days and looks like the story is going to be the same for at least the next week, starting with tomorrow(and this is not because I am doing something special, but because that is another proof of how can someone’s actions can affect everybody around. I am these days a victim of someone’s actions and they hit me harder than hit anyone else in our “entourage”, but this would be eventually another topic’s theme.)).

And, as a matter of a fact, I was really surprised to be called mean. The reason? Well, because, I am surrounded by mean people. My entourage is mostly formed by selfish people, with a fricking damn-dumb attitude that are troubled every day how to get as many headaches as possible to everyone, in order to feel less miserable(with a few exceptions, of course). I don’t judge them, in fact, I don’t really care about what they do or think about as far as this doesn’t touch me. And I am not mad(well, honestly, I am mad, but there is at least some logic) when I get “paid” on the base of my actions. But when I don’t touch anybody and I am just doing whatever I am supposed to do without breaking any rules and I got under “the fire”, there is another story…

So why do I write this now? Definitely not because that girl called me mean today, but because I had to deal with a wave of poor attitude (once again, btw)… To be honest, Since I moved to NYC last year in September, I got more critic that during my entire stay in America. It is probably a way of treating people here in this city. As I already said before, that’s not a very bad place, there are pluses too, but the attitude of most of people sucks most of the times. Once again, I have met a lot of nice people that were really friendly and honest and treated me in a very sweet way. But somehow, the “attacks” to my personality increased during my stay here. I was taxed as being slow(and I definitely not), stupid(and once again, everywhere I was qualified as a very smart person, always, during my entire life, except NYC) and weak. The last appellative was a “gift” because of my emotional personality. Here, being a human, with feelings that can be hurt when you are always told that no matter what you do is wrong, no matter how much you try is considered a sing of a terrible weakness… Yeah right… Today, another girl, that works at the next door store was told that nobody there gives her more than one week with a 14 hours every day schedule, 7 days a week, because in NYC, because only strong people can do that(and besides those 12 hours of work she has other 4 hours every day of school, and they know that really well)… Poor girl, she just burst into tears… And she was qualified as being a week being, because she is not a … robot? Well, in that case, I prefer to be a weak human, instead of a dumb brainless and soulless machine troll that feeds his own frustrations with the feelings and sometimes even tears of the others… I perfectly understand that there is a strong necessity of staying strong in order to succeed with something, but I don’t know a single person that would be happy or careless, at least when she/he would be insulted without a reason, just because she’he is different… There is nothing wrong with being different… Or maybe I just don’t get it

So my question, is how to deal with bad attitude of the others? Well, somebody would say do not pay attention… I didn’t … for  a while… It didn’t work… One day, a straw would just break the camel…I still don’t have an answer that would work for the nearest future. The only one solution is to move the hell out of here ASAP, but this is going to happen(unfortunately)a little bit later… I wish I would know… I wouldn’t write this now… Instead of doing that, I would probably tell you an answer to that question…

And, as a matter of a fact, I don’t try to complain about anything. The only one thing that I was trying to do, was to figure out one more time what is the reason of treating everybody else miserable… I still don’t get it… Just don’t get it…


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