Hello college life (again)!!! Back to school soon? Yay!!!

I am (and was always) a student for life. This is not a statement, this us a diagnosis (I am kidding (or maybe not :D?)). The truth is that I always enjoyed studying. I recall my childhood times, when I was crying a few good days when the summer, fall, winter, spring or no matter which break was. I didn’t have anything to do. Or, procrastinating – that’s definitely my style… I like keeping my brain busy. And since I am a lazy to death person (even thought nobody eve observed that, because my feeling of responsibility is stronger than my laziness) what else can help me better with my keeping the brain busy process  than the studying stuff?
My studying history is crazier and more complicated than a Latino-American telenovela (some people say, even though I don’t agree with that). I have been studying since the age of 7 (OMG, almost 20 years? It may turns out that the people that think that my studying experience is a crazy one are right :D… Or maybe not? 😀 ). So, let’s think: I graduated (once upon a time)  from the Moldova State University (being the 10th one among those 500 with tail of students that were graduating in the same year as me, according to my final GPA). Yeah, I have a Bachelor of Law degree (that is grubbing the dust of my apartment in one more f the drawers). Later on, I have decided that I want to do something else and I went to study the translation stuff from Russian into Italian. I found out that I like that, but I like and I need  English more. So last year, when I ended up in NYC, I thought : I need to have a better English and in order to improve it, it is absolutely necessary to study it at school, with a teacher and homework and the whole paquet (comme les français disaient).
But the whole truth about my dreams is that I always wanted to be a doctor. It is probably my family and basically, my Mom that influenced me to want that… And today I am with a step closer to make that dream to become true. A few days again I got accepted by a college in order to continue my education. I will ( and I like the use of the word “will” instead of “would”, makes me so happy to realize that this is going to happen(God,  please help me)) be a science student in order to attend the medical school. I know that this is a crazy long and hard process, but it worth it… And I have to succeed, I just have to!!! Nobody asks me what I want or what I don’t… If there is something that I have to do, I will do it(at least, try my best to do it) (eh, this damn feeling of responsibility…)
Anyway, I am happy… Today I am happy and even though I know that this won’t be easy at all, I keep my forehead up and try to go straight… And there isn’t another way: ведь танки грязи не бояться 😀



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