The first breakfast alone after a million years or the forgotten way of life

So this is the forst morning when I am having breakfast alone, without Alex, my husband (and yesterday, there was the first dinner alone, without him in town, but I had another million dinners by myself here, so this won’t be something so unusual for me. But the breakfast- this is something really new… At least, in the last 4 years, since we got married and live together.

A lot of people would consider this really really weird and suffocant, even, but we are all the time together. Literally. And I am happy with that. I have always my comfort of knowing that if I need something, he is there, by my side. That is what the marriage means for me, “in happiness and grief, always together”. It was very strange when last year we were not together 24 hours, 7 days a week. That happened when we moved to NYC and the crazy lifestyle of this metropolis “separated” us for the day… Eventually, I got used to that feeling, but when the evening comes, there is always a place where we meet, talk, fight, laugh, etc., etc.

Yesterday was a premiere for me. Coming home and being alone was something OK, but not at 10-11 pm.  And I was also stressed, because he was on his way to Virginia Beach and because he didn’t know that our friends from there were not able to meet him at the bus station. I was texting him like crazy, but his phone was probably already dead and couldn’t get my messages.

But the cherry on the cake was this morning: waking up alone, going to the grocery for my bagel and cream cheese and having my coffee alone… This was something really new for me and that’s when I have realized that I am married for such a long time. At leas, feels like a long time… 4 years- there is just a little bit, but I feel that like forever. And that doesn’t have any bad connotations. I am happy with my married life. Like I already said, waking up alone and drinking your coffee in a ill silence is not fun… Not at all. And if I had to change something in my life now, I wouldn’t probably change anything… I love my husband and my married life. I don’t need at all the so – called “freedom”. I am free and happy in the same time… Together, not alone. Obviously, there are not only pink moments, there are green ones, red(of anger), grey, dark ones, but I still love all of them!

I just can’t wait to be Monday morning and this crazy silence would just vanish. And I would have less coffee :D!


Good morning, everyone!!!







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